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Welcome to Crafters PVE modded Server !! For communication : Join our Discord @ *Server in Development Phase * Map Size 4.0k - 4.5k.  * Wiping is on 1ste Thursday of the month * Be aware you are not alone Wildlife is waiting * Be respectful to others and have Fun * Hope to see you ingame soon and enjoy * NB! - Pls read the Rules !!! Vote for Crafters @

January wipe Map None
February wipe Map Levels
March wipe Map Blue Prints
April wipe Map Back Packs
May wipe Map Levels
June wipe Map Blue Prints
July wipe Map Back Packs
August wipe Map Everything
September wipe Map Levels
October wipe Map Blue Prints
November wipe Map Back Packs
December wipe Map None

Players Online (0)

  • None =(

Server Status

  • Game: Rust
  • Status: online
  • Map: Procedural Map
  • Location: South Africa
  • Created: Oct 31, 2020


100% of your donation will be applied to their hosting bill.